Consent and Regulatory Compliance: Guidelines for Online Medical Information Accessibility

All cases featured on this clinic’s website necessitate a signed consent form from the patient. Once consent is obtained, the website serves as a treatment resource for online users. Moreover, the terms utilized on the website for surgical or medical beauty treatments are distinct from those commonly used in the industry or media. If there are any uncertainties about these terms or if you have any questions, please notify our clinic via the messaging system or by calling. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Should any content be deemed inappropriate or violate medical regulations, our clinic will promptly rectify and remove it. We ask for your understanding in this regard.

[Taichungbishop] Announcement from the Ministry of Health and Welfare of the Executive Yuan: “Aesthetic medicine” generally involves the application of invasive or minimally invasive medical techniques by qualified physicians, utilizing methods such as surgeries, medications, medical devices, biotechnological materials, etc., to enhance the body’s appearance, rather than primarily treating diseases. This practice is conducted by licensed doctors employing medical technology and performing minimally invasive procedures to “enhance” bodily appearance. It adheres to the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Medical Registration No. 0990262180 and the Ministry of Health’s Medical Registration No. 1031662939, and is subject to manual approval. In instances of off-label use, the physician must clearly explain the rationale and potential risks to the patient, obtaining their consent prior to usage. Details regarding indications, contraindications, and other side effects will be provided by the physician on a case-by-case basis.

This website strictly prohibits any third-party transcriptions of its online information for click-through access. However, this policy does not extend to individuals accessing the website (domain) of a medical institution directly through internet searches or hyperlinks.

Risk warning: Every surgical procedure carries inherent risks; please evaluate carefully! [new]

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