Introducing Indigo Safaris: Our Team and Expertise

“At Indigo Safaris, our foundation rests on firsthand experiences, trusted service providers, and reliable suppliers. Christopher, our founder, possesses extensive firsthand knowledge acquired from living, working, and traveling across southern and eastern Africa, Oceania, Indonesia, and South America. With a background in independent travel and various assignments, Christopher curates trips tailored to diverse preferences. We meticulously select our partners—lodges, hotels, dive centers, safari operators, trek organizers, and vehicle rental agencies—ensuring they meet our rigorous standards and are affiliated with their respective country’s tourism organizations.

Our journey began with Christopher Bartlett’s deep-rooted passion for Africa, ignited during a transformative trip to Namibia in 1997. After immersing himself in the region’s landscapes and cultures through numerous visits and professional endeavors, Christopher established Indigo Safaris in 2009. Joined by Ines Moosmann, a seasoned Senior Safari Consultant with extensive experience across Africa and beyond, our team expanded to include Matthew O’Brien, Kerry, Matthew Milward, and Michele Addison, each bringing unique expertise and a shared dedication to crafting unforgettable safari experiences.

Ines, fluent in German and a certified yoga teacher, transitioned from Sales & Product Manager to a company Director, contributing her wealth of knowledge and exceptional organizational skills. Matthew O’Brien, with a background as a guide in Namibia and Botswana, enriches client interactions with his deep-rooted passion and eloquent storytelling. Kerry, based in Cape Town, draws from her years of guiding and itinerary planning across southern and eastern Africa to exceed clients’ expectations and instill a lasting love for the African wilderness. Matthew Milward, hailing from Cape Town, infuses his enthusiasm and diligence into every trip he creates, backed by years of safari expertise. Michele Addison, with over two decades of experience spanning diverse roles in the tourism industry, channels her lifelong connection to African wildlife and cultures into crafting unparalleled safari experiences for our guests.

Together, our team at Indigo Safaris is committed to sharing our expertise and passion for Africa, ensuring each journey surpasses expectations and leaves an indelible mark on our clients’ hearts.”

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