DM Cantor’s Leading Role in Arizona’s Criminal Defense Landscape

DM Cantor, a leading law firm headquartered in Arizona, is renowned for its exceptional performance in criminal defense, particularly in domestic violence cases. Boasting an impressive 167 complete criminal jury trial acquittals, they hold the record for the highest number of “Not Guilty” verdicts among law firms in Arizona. Additionally, they have achieved over 700 successful outcomes in assault and violent crime cases through pre-indictment “turn-downs,” dismissals, and charge reductions. This outstanding success is supported by their specialized team, which includes three board-certified criminal law specialists—the most of any firm in Arizona.

Board-Certified Excellence

In Arizona, board certification in criminal law is a prestigious distinction held by only 54 Scottsdale DUI Attorney out of approximately 19,000 licensed lawyers statewide. DM Cantor’s three board-certified specialists ensure that every major domestic violence or aggravated assault case benefits from their extensive expertise. This specialization is crucial given the severe penalties associated with domestic violence convictions in Arizona, underscoring the firm’s commitment to providing top-tier defense strategies.

Expertise and Experience

Founder David Michel Cantor began his legal career as an Assistant City Prosecutor, gaining invaluable experience from 30 jury trials resulting in convictions. His foundational experience was further refined during his tenure at a prominent criminal defense firm before establishing DM Cantor. Since becoming a board-certified criminal law specialist in 1999, David Cantor has led the firm in setting new standards for defense in domestic violence cases.

Unmatched Trial Acquittals and Strategic Approach

DM Cantor’s success extends beyond statistics to their strategic approach in each case. Their team’s collective experience includes numerous bench trials and jury trials, allowing them to craft comprehensive defense strategies tailored to the specifics of domestic violence allegations. They prioritize proactive defense measures, aiming to prevent charges from being filed or securing dismissals when charges are pending.

Understanding Arizona’s Domestic Violence Laws

Arizona’s domestic violence laws encompass a range of offenses, from misdemeanor assaults (ARS 13-1203) to felony aggravated assaults (ARS 13-1204). Given the severity of these charges, DM Cantor emphasizes a deep understanding of legal defenses, including challenges related to false memory syndrome and prior convictions.

Mitigating Collateral Consequences

A central pillar of DM Cantor’s defense strategy involves mitigating the collateral consequences associated with domestic violence allegations, which can extend beyond criminal penalties to impact clients’ personal and professional lives. They employ a variety of defenses to challenge accusations and protect their clients’ rights throughout the legal process.

Client-Centered Approach

In addition to their legal expertise, DM Cantor prioritizes client support and confidentiality. They advise against common pitfalls such as making admissions during police interactions or discussing cases on social media, which could compromise defense strategies. Their commitment to client advocacy includes offering free case evaluations and in-office consultations with their specialists.

Choosing the Right Defense Team

When facing allegations of domestic violence in Arizona, selecting a skilled defense team is paramount. DM Cantor’s proven track record, specialized expertise, and client-focused approach make them the premier choice for navigating the complexities of domestic violence charges. Their dedication to achieving optimal outcomes through rigorous defense strategies underscores their reputation as Arizona’s foremost domestic violence defense firm.


DM Cantor’s legacy of success in domestic violence defense sets a benchmark in Arizona’s legal landscape. With a steadfast commitment to expertise, strategic defense, and client advocacy, they continue to secure acquittals, dismissals, and favorable resolutions for their clients. For individuals accused of domestic violence, DM Cantor offers unparalleled legal representation and support.

To schedule a free case evaluation with one of DM Cantor’s board-certified criminal law specialists and safeguard your rights, contact them today.

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